Community Blood Bank Unveiled Brand New, Modern Mobile Unit to Reach Donors and Increase the Region’s Blood Supply

Posted: September 30, 2017 10:03 am


September 21, 2107 – Community Blood Bank leadership, community partners and blood donors joined together to officially dedicate a new bloodmobile to join its existing mobile fleet.

Community Blood Bank collects about 70% of their total donations at mobile blood drives. The new 38-foot mobile unit will enable the organization to increase the number of opportunities to reach new and existing businesses and communities to fulfill the continuous local demand for life-saving blood products. It will increase the on-board donor capacity, with five beds for simultaneous donations and provide more interior space for multiple private screening booths as well as added seating areas.

“This vehicle is significant to our organizational mission and overall operations,” said Jennifer Brownlee, CBB Community Relations Manager. “We are dedicated to ensuring that our network of hospitals has an optimal supply of blood and blood products for every patient in need, in every community we serve. The additional features and functionality of this bloodmobile will allow us to meet these demands for years to come.”

In addition to announcing the new vehicle, Community Blood Bank officials will be retiring another mobile unit. CBB has chosen to donate the bus and critical lab equipment to the Global Blood Fund, which seeks to improve the availability and safety of blood in some of the world’s poorest nations. The outgoing bloodmobile from Erie will be headed to Mexico City, Mexico.