General Information

Community Blood Bank offers a comprehensive directed donation program. A directed (or designated) blood donation is one by which a patient selects his/her own blood donor(s) for an anticipated, non-emergency transfusion. The donor is typically a friend or relative to the patient.

Download the form here.

This process is not performed on a “stat” or emergency basis.

  • Directed donations are tagged specifically for the recipient
  • Directed donations should be scheduled a minimum of 5 working days prior to the anticipated need.
  • Although the data does not support it, the patient may feel that the blood they receive from people they know is safer than the community blood supply. In some cases, it may be less safe because donors known to the patient may be hesitant to reveal information about their personal or medical history
  • Directed donors are qualified in the same manner as volunteer blood donors. Units with abnormal test results will not be distributed for transfusion
  • Male spouses/sex partners do not usually make the most appropriate directed donors. Previously pregnant women can become sensitized against red cell antigens from their children’s father(s), causing adverse reactions in the transfusion recipient.
  • Women of child-bearing age should not be recipients of blood donated by their children, husband or husband’s blood relatives as this could adversely affect future pregnancies should red cell antibodies form.
  • Patients contemplating a bone marrow transplant should not receive blood from family members related by blood.
  • Patients will not be contacted concerning the status of any donated unit or if donors fail to show. The ordering physician will be notified only that an insufficient number of units are available. No reason will be given to the physician due to confidentiality requirements.
  • The following criteria will apply in cases of directed donations from mother to infant:
    • CBB must have permission in writing from the obstetrician if less than one week from vaginal delivery or less than 6 weeks from a C-section.
  • Additional fees may apply to a directed donation.

How To Schedule A Direct Donation:

Please call (814) 456-4206 or 1-877-842-0631 (toll free) for questions or to schedule appointments


  1. Complete and sign CBB Directed Donation Order form. This form is available at Community Blood Bank, the hospital blood bank or on-line at NOTE: THE PATIENT’S BLOOD TYPE IS REQUIRED.
  2. Explain process to patient. Have the patient read and sign the Informed consent portion of the form.
  3. Fax or mail the completed form to 814-452-3966
  4. After order has been faxed, instruct patient or patient designee to call Community Blood Bank

Patient or Patient Designee:

  1. Contact Hospital Services Coordinator at Community Blood Bank, 814-456-4206 or 1-877-842-0631 (toll free) for more information and to set up appointments.
  2. Provide Coordinator with list of donors:
    – Donor’s Full Name
    – Donor’s Date of Birth
    – Donor’s Blood type
    – Donor’s Relationship to the Patient (is donor a blood relative or not)
    It is recommended that you schedule one more donor than the number of units required.
  3. If directed blood is being shipped out of town, transportation fees will apply and must be paid prior to blood being shipped out of town.
  4. Have the donor call CBB’s Hospital Services Coordinator to schedule an appointment.
  5. Allow five working days after the donation for units to be processed and available for transfusion, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays


Any transportation fees must be paid prior to blood collection.

  1. Schedule an appointment with CBB’s Hospital Services Coordinator at 814-456-4206 or 1-(877-842-0631(toll free).
    1. No collection will be undertaken without a pre-scheduled appointment. Appointments will be scheduled according to availability, anticipated transfusion date and the type(s) of products needed.
    2. NO appointments will be scheduled on a Saturday, a Sunday or after 3:00 pm weekdays.
    3. You must donate at least five days prior to the anticipated day of transfusion, exclusive of weekends and holidays.
  2. You must meet the donor eligibility requirements applicable to all volunteer blood donors.  If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the patient, your blood will be released into the general inventory.
  3. Bring picture ID: driver’s license or other government issued ID. This ID is required to donate.
  4. Bring confirmation of your blood type if you have it. If you have previously donated with the Community Blood Bank, your blood type will be on record.

Click here to download the Directed Donation Pamphlet.