Record Snowfall Causes Loss of 300 Blood Donations

Posted: January 4, 2018 2:28 pm


January 3, 2018 – Record snowfall in Erie County, Pennsylvania is responsible for the loss of approximately 300 blood donations to the Community Blood Bank (CBB) and the organization is asking donors to come in as soon as possible.

“The week between Christmas and New Years is always a difficult time for us due to many people are traveling and spending time with family,” said Jennifer Brownlee, CBB Community Relations Manager. “We planned additional incentives to help bring people in, but Mother Nature had other plans.”

The severe weather forced the cancellation of several community blood drives around the county, and even closed the Erie Donor Center on December 26, 2017.

“As a vital part of the medical community, it’s extremely rare for the blood bank to close to walk-in blood donors,” said Brownlee. “Six donors were still able to keep their morning appointments to donate platelets, which are crucial for area hospitals. However as weather conditions deteriorated, the safety of our donor base and employees became paramount and the Erie Donor Center was forced to close.”

One donor even walked to the blood bank to keep her appointment that day.

The Community Blood Bank is asking the community to stop in and donate at the Erie Donor Center, 2646 Peach Street, or find a mobile blood drive. “Everyone in the region has been impacted in some way by the weather, our priority is to make sure our partner hospitals get the blood they need,” said Brownlee. “We need the community’s help.” CBB’s core mission is to maintain an optimum blood supply for local hospitals and community support is essential in order to rebound from the deficit.