We have a couple ways to hold a blood drive: a mass draw and a bloodmobile. Blood drives can be business-based (private) or community-based, your recruiter will assist you in selecting the option that best fits your blood drive.

The Bloodmobile

The Bloodmobile is designed to accommodate blood drives up to 45 donors. The Bloodmobile is a self-contained vehicle with on board generators for electric power. A level parking area is required because the Bloodmobile utilizes scales that must be calibrated on a level surface. As the vehicle is 30 ft. in length, we ask for a parking space that is the equivalent of at least 5 car spaces. Ideally, we ask for an area that we can pull in and out of without turning around or backing up. 

The bloodmobile can accommodate drives in half or full days. A half day is considered to be 4 hours and about 20 donors. A full day is considered to be 6 hours and about 30 donors.

“The Community Blood Bank bloodmobile makes it easy for those who live outside of Erie when they come to your place of work like Snap Tite. This is a way to help others and who knows, I may need it one day also.” – Brenda Swanson 

Mass Draw (inside drives)

Blood drives held inside a location are designed to accommodate larger groups of donors, 45 donors or more. CBB staff will bring all the equipment and supplies, and arrive to unload 1 hour before the start of the drive. Once the drive has ended, it usually takes another 45 minutes to get the last donors processed and another 45 minutes to finish cleaning up and load the equipment. Please reserve rooms with this in mind.

In order to give donors and donor groups the best possible experience, please include these room requirements in your planning:

  • Please keep the room temperature no higher than 65 degrees. A cooler room helps donors feel better.
  • Please provide a large garbage can for snack wrappers and cardboard boxes.
  • Please provide 3-4 tables (one for registration, one for processing, one for the refreshment area — all tables will be covered, except for registration). Carpeted floors will also be covered for protection.
  • Please provide 15-20 folding chairs for registration, screening and refreshment areas
  • Make sure there is good overhead lighting
  • We must have access to electrical outlets
  • Due to the amount of equipment needed to set up inside, we prefer a room that is on the first floor. Elevators may be used to reach a room on the second floor if no other options are available.
  • We appreciate any help the site can provide in loading/unloading equipment. Extra people or carts are ideal.

“My experiences with the Community Blood Bank over the years has been excellent. They are very cooperative, dedicated & very self sufficient the day of the drive.” – Barbara Buccigrossi, Erie Insurance Group


Specialized Drives & Programs:


The Heart to Heart Program

People want to help. Time and again, we have seen donors generously respond to the need for blood. But when a person they know has needed blood, the response can be even greater.

To host a blood drive in honor of a loved one, a friend or family member will be identified as the “Donor Chairperson” and will work with the Community Blood Bank’s Mobile Drive Coordinator to find a venue (fire hall, parish center, etc.), and select a date and time for the Heart To Heart Blood Drive. The coordinator will work with this person to promote the blood drive within the family’s social network, providing whatever materials might be helpful in spreading the word. The blood that is collected will not necessarily be used for your loved one, but instead be available in the general blood inventory for any local patient who may need it.

The GR8 GIVERS Program

Looking for a new way to give back? Join our GR8 GIVERS program and help save lives in your community! All it takes is for you and seven of your friends, coworkers, neighbors, classmates (or whoever you’d like!) to share the same common goal: giving the gift of life by donating blood! Once you have your group, you simply contact our Recruitment Manager, Deanna to pick your week and then come in to donate at our Erie Donor Center during that time frame! Easy, right? More information on GR8 GIVERS can be found here.