The Community Blood Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York connects donors to patients who are in need of life-sustaining blood products in the communities we serve.

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Current Inventory Needs:

All blood types are needed, however there is an optimum type of donation for each individual blood type. Based on the blood products most needed by our partner hospitals, these are the optimum donations for your blood type:

  • A+ and B+ donors please schedule whole blood appointments due to the need for the platelet and plasma portion of your blood, which can only be taken from a whole blood donation that contains all three components of blood: red blood cells, plasma & platelets.
  • O-, A-, B- & O+ donors please schedule double red appointments if eligible.
  • AB+ & AB- donors please schedule an appointment on the TRIMA device,  so that we can concurrently draw plasma. AB donors are the universal plasma type.

 Ready to donate? Find a mobile drive near you here, or visit us at 2646 Peach Street in Erie.

A Friend for Gus Returns:

We are excited to once again participate in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community and can’t wait to see what you’ll help us achieve this year!Last year, our amazing supporters helped us raise $5,579 to put toward the purchase of a friend for Gus, our bloodmobile. Why a friend for Gus? Because nearly 70% of our donors donate somewhere other than our Erie Donor Center and because our Regional Turtle Top, which is a smaller mobile, is ready to retire. So not only would we be able to reach our mobile donors more often, we would have a more reliable vehicle to do so with.

Join the Community Blood Bank family, and help make sure local patients get the life-saving blood they need. Blood shortages happen, but with your help, we can make sure we have the resources to reach donors when and where they are most needed. Together, we can make blood shortages a thing of the past. For more information, or to donate or register to walk, please visit:

Highmark Walk 2016 Team CBB


We will be closed some new holidays starting this year, so please update your calendars! This year’s dates are:

October 9 (Columbus Day)


 Wondering who your donations help? Watch Austin’s story to see what your donations mean 

not only to a recipient, but for their families too. 



For promotions, eligibility reminders, updates and more text the word BLOOD to 444999 to opt in for text messages from the Community Blood Bank.

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