The Community Blood Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York connects donors to patients who are in need of life-sustaining blood products in the communities we serve.

Our increased need for A-, O- & B- blood types continues, please donate!

Current Needs for Double-Red Donations:

As our inventory needs change, so does our need for individual blood components (the platelets, plasma and red cells you donate). Please refer to this section for current needs and appointment guidance.

At this time, we ask A+ donors to schedule whole blood appointments due to the need for the platelet and plasma portion of your blood, which can only be taken from a whole blood donation that contains all three components of blood: red blood cells, plasma & platelets.

At this time, we ask A-, B-, & O+ donors to schedule double-red appointments if possible. We are especially encouraging O- donors to schedule double-red appointments if possible due to the need for your universal red cells.


Earn Bonus Points for Your Donation!

Our 1,000 point promotion, which began on May 14th, continues through September 19th. After your second whole blood donation, first double red cell donation, or fourth platelet donation, you will received 1,000 points to our point store which can be redeemed for a $10 gift card or any of our other prizes!




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Thank you for being a part

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